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Custom Design Request

At Hogan Fine Jewelry, we specialize in custom designs. Please tell us about your dream project and we will have someone on our design team contact you shortly. Whether you would like to design your own piece of jewelry, or you have a picture, a drawing, or simply an idea for your unique piece of jewelry, our trained designers can make your imagination come alive in your unique project.

Hollis 3d model larger_edited_edited.jpg

Thanks! We will contact you shortly!

How It Works

If you've ever wanted to have a piece of jewelry that was designed specifically for you, and you don't know where to start. you've come to the right place. The custom design experience with Hogan Fine Jewelry could not be simpler! In three easy steps, we will collaborate to create the perfect piece for you. All you have to do is give us a drawing, a picture (or pictures) or an explanation of what you would like. Some of our clients give us multiple pictures of designs and ask us to include two or more elements from each piece in their perfect design, others draw their own design that they have in mind. Whatever works best for you, our team of designers and goldsmiths will work diligently to create your perfect custom piece of fine jewelry. When we have your concept fully grasped, we will build your 3D model using state of the art jewelry CAD software. You will receive a photorealistic digital render for your approval or for you to request any changes. Once you have given us your approval, we will cast the gold or platinum setting, set the diamonds or gemstones, and polish the finished masterpiece.

Step One:

We will discuss specific details about your vision is for your custom piece. A picture or a drawing is very helpful. After you have decided what your dream piece of jewelry will be, we construct a three dimensional model, called a CAD (computer-aided design). This takes specialized software, skill, and attention to detail, but the model is carefully constructed with your dream piece of jewelry in mind.

Mogor top 3d high quality_edited.jpg
mogor persp high quality_edited.jpg
Mogor persp 2 high quality_edited.jpg

Step Two:

Once finished with the CAD, I will send you photorealistic render or video animation renders for your approval of the design. The renders are only a digital model of what the finished product will look like, but they are very realistic. Your mind will be at ease when you can see a model of your finished piece and know you are going to get what you are expecting.


Step Three:

We will create the wax model and cast your finished piece into gold. Once the gemstones are all set and the polish is perfect, you will have the custom piece of jewelry you have always dreamed of in your fingertips. It is such an amazing experience watching a dream become a reality, and with the custom building experience, you will see the piece you've always dreamed of too!

emerald teardrop negative space ER 2_edi
emerald teardrop negative space ER_edite

To speak directly with Hogan Fine Jewelry's expert CAD designer, Kevin Jack:  207-653-2159

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