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Hogan Fine Jewelry is located in Lakeland, Florida. We specialize in high end certified diamonds and jewelry but are not a "typical" retail jewelry store. We see our customers by appointment only so that you can get personal service without a stranger standing over your shoulder.

Our Mission Statement is Simple, "Distinctly Elegant, Uniquely Personal" It is a joy to help someone find an engagement ring or gift that is unique and beautiful in a private office setting. Hogan Fine Jewelry gives you something significantly different from everything you see in the mall stores without the unnecessary markup in price or large crowds.


Since we are not a "typical" jewelry store, we will not try to sell you inventory pieces we are stuck with. Want to get engaged? Let us find the diamond and engagement ring that is right for your taste and budget. The diamonds we select for our clients are a "cut" above. Each stone is colorless to near colorless (D-H) with flawless to SI clarity. All of our diamonds one carat or greater are Certified by EGL, AGS or GIA.

Our Jewelry speaks for itself and we stand proudly behind every product we sell. Please take a look and let us know what you think!

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