Three Stone Designed Band

*The price of this band is based on a variety of factors including but not limited to the size, quality and cut of the diamond, the fluctuating price of gold, the weight of the band, and the quality of the gold (10 karat, 14 karat or 18 karat). Platinum and palladium prices are also variable based on marketing fluctuating prices. Today's market price of gold for this band in your size and desired width and choice of diamonds can be found by contacting one of our jewelry professionals.

The three stone designed band is a men's wedding band that has flexible three stone diamond options. This authentic wedding band can incorporate three channel set diamonds in several different cut shapes such as round, square, emerald, oval, asscher, or cushion cut diamonds. It is available in a white, yellow or rose gold mounting as well as in platinum and the price is available upon request.

The three stone designed band can incorporate not only many different cuts, but many different sizes as well. The round mounting ranges in sizes from 1.75 - 6.0 mm. The oval and emerald stone mounting can incorporate 5 x 3 mm stones. The cushion cut stone mounting can incorporate 3 x 3 mm, 4 x 4 mm and 5 x 5 mm diamonds. The asscher cut stone mounting can incorporate a range from a 2 x 2 mm stone to a 6 x 6 mm stone. Finally the square cut mounting can incorparte a variety of stones ranging in size from 1.75 x 1.75 mm all the way to 6 x 6 mm diamonds.

  • Widths available: 4.3 mm - 8.5 mm

  • Purities available: 10K - 18K gold & Platinum

  • Gold colors available: white, yellow & rose

  • Platinum & palladium color: white

  • Price: available upon request *

To inquire about the three stone designed wedding band:

Hogan Fine Jewelry has thousands of designs to choose from beyond what you see here and we strive for perfection with all of our designs. If you would like to discuss customizable options or have us design your own unique custom wedding band please submit a custom request to make your own unique design today!


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